About Atelier Edogawa

Many Japanese anglers regard Edogawa II a prodigy of rod crafting for his considerable aesthetic tastes (enhanced through being a sculptor, painter, and magician). He has left great footsteps in the fishing industry.  His works were considered artworks, though them being industrial crafts, and Chiyoda-Ward in Tokyo granted him the title of an intangible cultural asset.  Edogawa III, being a calligrapher and qigong master, had put much effort into administering the fairness of quality in Japanese fishing rods ever since the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Conference (former Japan Glass Rod Industrial Society) was found in1956.  The Fair Trade Commission of The Japanese Government finally awarded him for his effort representing all the Japanese fishing rod manufactures. Currently, Atelier Edogawa is the only fishing rod brand recognized as Japanese traditional craft manufacture by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Young Edogawa IV, American footballer, pours his tough energy in export including, China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Edogawa craftsmen also thought out the rod designing method, so called “Blend Magic”, in the balance of composite cushioning glass fiber and sensitive carbon graphite fiber material. By this method, anglers are always favorably impressed with the taste of enjoyable fishing.  Also, the method adopts in such as Japan’s “Hera-fishing” (hera is similar to “Crucian Carp”), which high tensile carbon prepreg (Toreyca etc) is required.  Those materials are calledHoso-Karu-Pin (super fine stroke, light, sensitive)series or “Kongou (named after Japanese term of diamond)”. The actions of those materials gain Japanese anglers` trust.


A certificate shows that Japanese traditional craft manufacture by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Edogawa craftsman hardening bamboo with charcoal.



Edogawa III (far left) as the President of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Conference at opening ceremony of Osaka Fishing Show 2006.