Representative Greetings

Founded in 1888 (Meiji 21), intently, the Company has been working the pole building, but there was too much hardship in exchange for prosperity. OsamuSaburo great-grandfather moved to Tokyo from Nagano (Kamisatokuroda), grandfather Shintaro has opened a fishing tackle shop in Oomagari Edogawa (now Kanda River). But twice, and washed away the Miseshiki by large flood of Edogawa. Chichi-haku is independent Kandakaji town in the current success also burned down the stores in war at a young age. However, it is also the pride of the family's have overcome it always confront hardship to repeated.  In addition, there was also a history of the evolution history of the cherry if you think that. Successful mass production of various hexagonal rod breaks the common sense of the British-made split cane rod, to develop soft Esca, the world's first "Sakura bait" is inspired by the flexibility of nylon thread, NamiTsugi glass spatula pole of Japan's first "Edogawa" manufacturing, etc., we have continued to evolve the conventional product of that era always. Because it is willing to re-recognize the importance of the motto and tradition, play a breakthrough again employees both people work together this tough times, continue, favorite of many that had you use and "Edogawa" and "Sakura" pole who's people and the continued all means for your friendship which does not change previously also encouragement, and further your teaching (and thanks received a loyal postcard on a daily basis, I have read all means) of. I ask.


In order to use it with confidence

We are Edo sum pole cooperative member.
The left "tradition stamp" has been registered as a business Kazusao of Edo (Tokyo) in stamp given to the Japanese traditional crafts Minister of International Trade and Industry (now the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) has specified. It is a testament to the Edo sum pole cooperative member of only one of its kind within fishing rod manufacturer that there is a number the Company.


Nationwide fishing rod Fair Trade Council member. Our fishing rod is what about the display, such as the material used, the country of origin, the Council in accordance with the "fair competition rules related to the display of fishing rod", was certified responsibly. It is a mark that can be used to buy consumers in peace.

Was founded with the intention of trying to develop better across the country as "fishing" and "fishing environment", the Company is a member of the Japan Tsuri-yo products Manufacturers Association and the Japan Society for the Promotion fishing.