Wa-zao (basis of our “Splendid Action”)

Wa-zao “和竿” is Japanese Traditional Fishing Rod made by many kinds of bamboo and cane.  Its length varies from 90cm to 6m, and there exist from one piece to about 18 pieces.  It takes long time and experience to choose the best match of materials to express peculiar actions. Just similar to European fishing, Japanese fishing itself firmly reflects in our culture, such as novels, so we have large variety of games from bitterling to tuna.  Thus, large variations of wa-zao exist to correspond all the games. Methods of fishing those games also depend on each region in Japan.  In order to enjoy all types of fishing, Edogawa craftsmen also have large variety of fishing rod designs or concepts.  Also, wa-zao is well known as highly aesthetic value, being finished with Urushi (100% Vegetable Pure Japanese lacquer).  Our prominent urushi painters also plant anglers in rich sensitivity.



18 pieces (Length of 10ft, closed length of about 8inches) bamboo rod presented on a board with paulownia wood box signed by Edogawa II and scabbard decorated with silver and rattan. This is used for fishing small river fish.



Iwana (Japanese Char) 30cm with “Sakura Trouter” (carbon graphite lure rod) 6ft L and “Answer” spoon of 2.5g.